Ledonia Wright Cultural Center

The Ledonia Wright Cultural Center leads with vision, compassion, ethics, transparency, and we always put our students first. We stay current with student development theory and cultural center best practices and develop tools to measure student involvement through the Center and its impact on student retention and persistence.

In addition to creating and delivering programs and services that align with the Division of Student Affairs and the University’s Strategic Direction, we collaborate with faculty, alumni, and community partners whose academic, professional, and research interests match our programming content areas. Our programming areas focus on Cultural Education, through our Heritage Month celebrations; Student Success through initiatives to highlight academic success with our A.L.A.N.A. workshops; Identity Development in our work to help students understand their many overlapping identities and how they intersect and what that means in the modern context when discussing social justice; and Leadership, Social Justice and Community engagement are particular focuses in that we hope to create the leaders of tomorrow who work within their community to create an equitable and socially just society in quoting Dr. Cornel West, “Never forget that justice is what love looks like in public.”